“Greatest Marketing Campaigns “ Analysis of 5 Radio Ads – WCU ENT610

Take on Car Hassles – 2017

Ad Link https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/take-car-hassles-2/

Company – Nissan Leaf

Company Website https://www.nissanusa.com/

           “Take on Car Hassles,” is a quick hitting and to the point ad that states that if you are tired of going to the gas station then you should drive a Nissan Leaf. 

Ad Objectives – The objective of the ad may seem to an effort to push an indecisive buyer of an electric car over the edge and toward a Nissan Leaf.  However, it seems to me that the given the quick timeframe of the ad it serves nothing much more than a quick impression and effort to interest the listener to tap the banner from the online radio station. 

Target Market – The target market would be any prospective buyer for any vehicle.  With the growing interest and success of electric vehicles Nissan seems to want their Leaf to be included in the buying process of the listener.  The target market would also be the background of the listener of the online radio station and would be influenced by its genre.   In this case the radio station is a Bollywood Hindi Site, the ad includes a native Indian speaker to target the Indian buyer.

Call to Action – At the end of the ad there is a call to click on a banner to learn more.  That would be the call to action. 

Value Proposition – If you are tired of filling up on gas as well as all the hassles that goes along with a gas-powered car then you should look at the Nissan Leaf. Ease of ownership.

Her Man Can Do It

Link https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/her-man-can-do-it/

Company – Herrmann Services, Cincinnati, OH.  

Company Website https://www.herrmannservices.com/

           The ad grabs the listeners attention from the start with a humorous word play on “Her man” and Herrmann services.  A boisterous narrator drives confusion with fictional character Audrey on the similar sounding words stating that “Her Man” can fix air conditioning, plumbing, heating, or electric issues around the house, when Audrey in fact calls Herrmann Services when such issues arise.

Ad Objectives – The objective of the ad is to create a simple correlation of the ad to the brand.  Her man – Herrmann.  Thus, Corelating a future connection when the listener requires Herrmann’s services.   

Target Market – The ad is a homeowner, particularly female, targeted ad. 

Call to Action – The call to action is for the listener to call Herrmann services when they need their services.   

Value Proposition – Herrmann Services provides multiple services that a homeowner may be in need of and the professionalism and quality of service would be greater than performing FYI>  

Oxymoron – 2019

Link https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/oxymoron/

Company – Exchange Bank, Santa Rosa, CA

Company Website https://www.exchangebank.com/

           This ad utilizes humor to build brand recognition with the listener.  The point would be to characterize their bank as small enough to value your business but large enough to have all the same products and services of a very large bank.  The ad utilizes many oxymoron statements to characterize their point throughout the ad. 

Ad Objectives – Branding ad that informs the listener that Exchange Bank is a small back with all the capabilities of a larger bank.  The objective is to make sure that the listener understands that although Exchange Bank is not a large bank, it still has all the same capabilities. 

Target Market – The writers of this ad most likely had an understanding of the demographics of this geographical region and a deeper view of what message would best convey their point. 

Call to Action – The goal of the ad was to create recognition of the brand and niche understanding of Exchange Bank.  It is interesting there is no call to action through a website, social media, or telephone number. 

Value Proposition – That you will receive a more personalized, value driven experience at exchange bank with all the capabilities or a big bank.

Elk Country – 2019

Ad Link https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/elk-country/

Company – Progressive Insurance, Mayfield, OH

Company website https://www.progressive.com/

           A humorous take on reasons to insure your RV or Recreational vehicle with Progressive insurance.  The ad relates the call of an Elk to a woman going through a stressful issue with her RV.  The listener can use their imagination to place themselves in a position with their RV where insurance would be needed.        

Ad Objectives – Use Humor to gain awareness and convert user obtaining an insurance quote. Make the listener understand that Progressive insurance company can help in cases of loss.   

Target Market – RV Owner and other recreational vehicles.

Call to Action – Obtain an insurance quote on your RV and recreational vehicles from Progressive Insurance through their website.

Value Proposition – Progressive company can provide protection from financial loss of problems with RV’s and recreational vehicles. 

Keep Stories Going – 2016

Ad Link https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/keep-stories-going/

Company – This American Life, Chicago, Il

Company Website https://www.thisamericanlife.org/

           The ad is odd as it begins with what takes you a minute to understand is a story.  The story disrupts before the ending with a long pause.  Then a narrator points out that to “keep the story going,” you should donate to This American Life Podcast.  The Ad is written by a student.

Ad Objectives – To solicit and receive donations for the Podcast of This American Life.  The ad uses the abrupt end of a story to make their point that the story would end with no donations.

Target Market – The target market would be the listener of Podcast in the distributing markets with disposable income.

Call to Action – To donate to This American Life. No information where to donate at end of ad. 

Value Proposition – If you donate then This American Life’s story can continue.  Without donations it may not continue and it would leave you without and ending.

4 thoughts on ““Greatest Marketing Campaigns “ Analysis of 5 Radio Ads – WCU ENT610

  1. Jeramy,
    You bring up an interesting point on your analysis of the 2019 radio ad “Oxymoron”. You state that the commercial ad has no call to action, which is something that I don’t ever remember hearing, or not hearing, in the last few years. Companies have been capitalizing on the fact that most of their prospective customers have access to the internet that they strive to make sure that they include the website to the business. The more that I think about the concept of omitting a call to action the advertising agency must have felt very secure in that the average customer would just search for the name in hopes of finding the website. This seems risky, but if they were short on time, I guess it would be a calculated risk.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeramy,
    Great work as always! i also did the Herrmann’s ad for my analysis and I viewed it as sexist, but I feared bringing it up in my analysis because I was afraid of other people’s responses. Did you have a similar issue when analyzing that ad? I would like to hear your thoughts!


  3. Marie,
    I read your post before listening, and I definitely thought it sounded that way. I have to believe that’s not the intention though, as it would turn females off, and it seems the ad is geared more towards females than males. As a male, it makes me feel like I need to fix it myself rather than Herrmann. It is a funny ad though. I wonder how effective it was.


  4. Your analysis of “Take on car hassels” was interesting. The dynamic of trying to basically do two ads in one was intriguing. It goes to illustrate how much things are changing. Not only are they able to get people through the audio portion, but they have the added benefit of utilizing a “click through” banner through an online radio station. Granted that assumes you are listening on a computer or phone. But the concept is really cool.


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