Presentation and Self Promotion Follow-up Response / Reflection WCU ENT645.

Thursday August 1st, I had the pleasure of discussing and presenting myself as an expert on the topic of preventing clear-cutting in the construction process in Pinehurst, NC.  This topic is a sub-topic of the long-range plan called “Envision the Village” that I used in the announcement of my presentation.    

As I work with residential builders, this type of involvement allows me to be influential in a very important stage of our business.  Being involved and influential in the areas that are important to my customers allows me to be more important to them, ultimately gaining trust and influence with their business.  I truly believe that focusing on the overall “health” of our construction industry as well as the community here in Moore County does ultimately contribute to the profitability of my company.  My involvement and participation in this type of planning will benefit my entrepreneurial venture in many ways.  In order to have a successful business that grows along with the community, I must have a deep understanding of the direction to which our community is going.  This will help me prospect for clients, understand development and building trends and forecast my business.  Also, involvement with the Village of Pinehurst in an advisory capacity allows me to network with influential individuals in the community.  As my network grows, I have a larger pool of prospects to whom I can market my business.

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