Hello! I am Jeramy!

Hello!  Thank you for visiting my BLOG! 

I am an Entrepreneur from Pinehurst, North Carolina.  I am Father and Husband to the two most beautiful Green-Eyed Beauties in all of the Carolina’s!  We like to travel…so I know that’s a fact!   

We love our Village and spend a lot of time being very active in the community. We love that The Village of Pinehurst is rich in history, well known around the world for golf, and remains a destination of great charm and character that many like to visit.

No…I don’t play Golf very much. I am too busy working for those that do! We have also lived in Augusta, Ga for 5 years also, so I also know that you can not learn the game through osmosis either. Although I do not get to play often, I do love being around the game every day and living among the many courses in our area.

I have worked for a company called Ferguson Enterprises for almost 18 YEARS. Wow! I work as a Branch Manager here in Pinehurst for a location that focuses on home construction. I manage a sales team that helps builders and homeowners to select items for their new home from our Kitchen and Bath Showroom.

So, why do I think I am and Entrepreneur if I have worked for one company for so long? The capacity, willingness, traits, ambition, desires, and intentions have always been the base that drives my work ethic. My company has utilized those traits and has been good to pacify my entrepreneurial ambitions as they have provided me many opportunities to lead establishing developing and organizing many facets of our business. Certainly, more for their profits than mine!

Looking back through my life I can easily recognize how entrepreneurial traits have always carried me and brought me to this point in my life (more on that later!) As the pacification of a career closes, I must recognize that I have not fully completed my entrepreneurial growth. To close the “gaps” in my abilities and to fulfill my urge to be around motivated entrepreneurial minded people I have decided to persue a Master of Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship Degree from Western Carolina University.

The thought of a structured learning environment is one of the few things that has scared me in a very long time (not really, but as far as you need to know that is true!) Being “graded” on how I perform the work and not necessarily the end result will be new to me. Heck… I don’t even know how to BLOG.

But I am learning! I hope you check back soon!

One thought on “Hello! I am Jeramy!

  1. I agree with your point that you can work for a company for a large span of time and still be an entrepreneur. I have been in the military for over two decades, and I have used my own entrepreneur spirt/skills to push me to advancement over those that are not as driven for success. I am enjoying reading your blog, keep up the writing.


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